As a third-generation luchador, Andrade was born to be a Superstar, and he’s happy for it: The life suits him. Endlessly talented and even more confident, Andrade enjoys the perks that come with squared circle Superstardom, and thanks to his crafty business associate, the fiery Zelina Vega, Almas seems destined to enjoy those niceties for a long time.

Andrade’s inherent skill for the family trade was unmistakable from the moment he debuted at age 13. He first established himself in his native Mexico and Japan, capturing championships in both countries. Now in WWE, Andrade aims to use uncanny speed and ring awareness, as well as Vega’s conspicuous presence to completely fluster any opponents he steps in the ring with.

With Vega by his side on SmackDown LIVE after the 2018 Superstar Shake-up, there’s no denying that the former NXT Champion’s ceiling is as high as any Superstar’s in WWE.