WWE SmackDown Recap: September 25, 2018
S18 episode 39 Aired on September 25, 2018

Samoa Joe took his conflict with WWE Champion AJ Styles to the next level when he delivered on his promise from several weeks ago by showing up at Styles’ family home in Georgia while The Phenomenal One was thousands of miles away in Denver. Elsewhere, The Miz and R-Truth clashed over the rights to “Miz TV” … sort-of.

Clearly looking to get a little bit of a mental edge heading into their WWE Mixed Match Challenge clash against The Miz & Asuka later in the evening, MMC partners R-Truth & Carmella hosted “Truth TV” to kick off SmackDown LIVE. Their guest? None other than Miz’s WWE Super Show-Down opponent, Daniel Bryan.

“Truth TV” instantly proved to be a much different experience than “Miz TV.” For example, after Truth dropped a super insightful question on Bryan regarding his match against The A-Lister in Melbourne (in which the winner will receive a future WWE Championship opportunity), R-Truth and Carmella took a seven-second dance break before Bryan could get more than a few words out. The good times quickly ceased when Miz showed up, though. The A-Lister was irate that Truth & Carmella had stolen his talk show and even more belligerent at Bryan’s squeaky-clean reputation, suggesting that The “Yes!” Man has come up short against him the last several outings because he will not go all-out to win.

Bryan contemplated those words, but Truth responded to them … BY BANNING MIZ FROM “TRUTH TV” FOR LIFE! Miz, of course, retorted by reminding R-Truth that “Truth TV” isn’t a real show, which prompted Truth to reply with a challenge — a match where the winner gets the rights to the show -- even though it’s not really Truth or Carmella’s in the first place. Oh, and then The Rapping Superstar and The Princess of Staten Island danced some more.

Miz scoffed at the notion, but SmackDown LIVE General Manager Paige stopped The A-Lister when he went backstage and told him the match would be next.

After Tye Dillinger called out United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura on social media over the weekend, the two squared off in non-title competition.

The Perfect 10 came to scrap, not backing down in the face of Nakamura’s deadly Strong Style. However, the combatants were abruptly interrupted by Randy Orton. Caring not for the proceedings going down in the ring, The Viper absolutely brutalized Dillinger, leaving him down and almost completely out after a DDT from the apron onto the floor. From there, The Apex Predator flashed Tye’s signature “10” signal in his face and departed, and it seemed like WWE’s Rockstar was about to do the same … before turning around and nailing the wounded Dillinger with a Kinshasa that knocked The Perfect 10 right into the LED board on the side of the ring.

WWE Champion AJ Styles and Samoa Joe were supposed meet face to face in the ring to sign the contract for their No Disqualification, No Count-out, There Must Be a Winner Match for the title at WWE Super Show-Down … but things quickly took an unexpected, horrifying turn.

Styles hit the squared circle and began to wonder if The Samoan Submission Machine would even show up and look him eye-to-eye, and his suspicions proved to be correct, although he probably wished they weren’t. Joe eventually popped up on the TitanTron … at Styles’ family home in Georgia, taunting AJ as he walked around the premises. The Phenomenal One went from rage, to bargaining, to absolute panic as Samoa Joe inched closer and closer to the front door. Finally, paying no mind to AJ’s pleas, the callous Joe rang the doorbell and said "Daddy's home" as SmackDown LIVE went off the air.

In other action … The Miz def. R-Truth … Sheamus def. Big E … Aiden English made wild accusations about Lana … Asuka & Naomi def. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville … Tye Dillinger def. Shinsuke Nakamura via disqualification after Randy Orton attacked Dillinger … and Becky Lynch def. Lana.

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