SmackDown Recap: October 24, 2017
S2017 episode 949 Aired on October 24, 2017

After Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman made some stinging comments directed at WWE Champion Jinder Mahal on Monday Night Raw, The Modern Day Maharaja fired back on his Survivor Series opponent on SmackDown LIVE, letting it be known that he’s overcome plenty of adversity here in WWE and that, even though he was being doubted, he would slay The Beast during the battle for brand supremacy.

Prior to the start of the lightning-fast Fatal 5-Way Match, SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya hit the scene and got herself announced as the “true Queen of SmackDown,” seemingly only to try to get underneath the skin of Charlotte Flair.

With so much on the line, the five Superstars held nothing back in pursuit of becoming the one to lead Team Blue’s charge against Raw in the battle for brand supremacy at Survivor Series. After a wild free-for-all that saw all five Superstars brawl all over and around the squared circle, Becky Lynch turned the tables on Carmella by catching Ms. Money in the Bank in the excruciating Dis-arm-her for the submission victory, securing her role as captain for Team SmackDown!

Sometimes, you just gotta stoop to their level.

Sami Zayn overcame Randy Orton in tag team action last week thanks to a myriad of factors, the largest being the willingness to incorporate foul play by way of a savage low blow that led to a match-ending Helluva Kick.

In a back-and-forth singles bout that carried a big-fight feel from the opening bell, Kevin Owens attempted to tip the scales in the favor of his best friend by storming the ring and jumping onto the apron. However, Orton met him with a stiff kick, and when the referee prevented Owens from entering the ring, Sami couldn’t quite seal the deal with a rapid-fire rollup. Irate at ringside, Owens complained about the pace of the count to the referee, and with the official distracted, The Viper struck Sami with an unforgiving low blow in retaliation for last week. With Zayn in agony, Orton downed his opponent with a head-ringing RKO for the victory.

Turnabout is fair play, right?

Shane McMahon came face-to-face with Sami Zayn for the first time since WWE Hell in a Cell … Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable def. The New Day … Sin Cara def. Baron Corbin via disqualification … and AJ Styles def. Sunil Singh.

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