SmackDown Recap: October 10, 2017
S2017 episode 947 Aired on October 10, 2017

Reunited and it feels so … odd.

After Sami Zayn dealt a shocking assist to Kevin Owens at WWE Hell in a Cell that allowed his bitter rival to defeat Shane McMahon near the wreckage of the announce table during a barbaric Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell Match, the victorious Kevin Owens welcomed his “best friend” and “guardian angel” out in front of the WWE Universe on SmackDown LIVE.

Zayn, seemingly as joyous as ever, delivered a passionate address to the WWE Universe, stating that KO helped him see the light when he Powerbombed him on the apron two weeks ago on Team Blue. Zayn acknowledged his tumultuous past with KO, but admitted to seeing that Owens was right when he suggested that Zayn was going about his career the wrong way. Zayn noted that he saved KO from impending doom because of Owens’ stern words to Zayn combined with Shane-O-Mac’s clear intentions to badly injure Owens this past Sunday.

Zayn thanked Owens for showing him the light, then the two embraced several times over, sung each other’s praises, embraced some more … just like best friends do.

After losing to Randy Orton at WWE Hell in a Cell, Rusev came in to SmackDown LIVE with something to prove, and The Bulgarian Brute teamed with Aiden English to take on The Viper and Shinsuke Nakamura in a star-studded tag bout.

For a while, it appeared that Tuesday was Rusev Day, as The Bulgarian Brute and The Mozart of Mayhem took firm control by wearing down Orton and Nakamura. Yet, their efforts were not enough, as Orton emphatically wiped out The Bulgarian Brute with an RKO outta nowhere, and Nakamura wrecked English with a pinpoint Kinshasa to claim a big win for The Apex Predator and WWE’s Rockstar.

Bobby Roode got the leg up on Dolph Ziggler competition-wise at WWE Hell in a Cell when he defeated The Showoff in their one-on-one contest, but Ziggler got the last laugh when he immediately dropped Roode with the Zig Zag after the defeat.

The Glorious One, itching to pound on Ziggler some more after the blindside attack, was in the ring ready for a fight. Ziggler made his way onto the stage, chastised Roode, showed a picture of The Glorious One grabbing The Showoff’s tights in their match at WWE Hell in a Cell and called him a “fraud” and a “cheater” while making it clear that he wanted a rematch. Always one for a good mind game, however, Ziggler revealed that there would indeed be a rematch … but not tonight.

However, it was announced that the two would square off next week on SmackDown LIVE.

Baron Corbin won the United States Title at WWE Hell in a Cell in a Triple Threat Match without pinning the champion … and naturally this was a tough pill to swallow for the former titleholder, AJ Styles. Styles was so fired up that he immediately exercised his rematch clause, setting in motion a major main event matchup on SmackDown LIVE.

The Phenomenal One and The Lone Wolf threw down for the star-spangled championship, creating some highlight reel moments, including Styles sending Corbin soaring across the announcer’s desk with a dynamic dropkick. In the heat of the action, Styles leapt off the ring apron at Corbin, who countered by viciously throwing Styles shoulder-first onto the ground. This made Styles far worse for wear, allowing Corbin to get his nemesis back into the ring and finish him off with the punishing End of Days for the victory.

In other action … Tempers flared in the Team Blue Tag Team division … Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin won a Fatal 4-Way Match to earn the right to challenge for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship … and Becky Lynch def. Carmella.

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