Io Shirai

There are plenty of high-flying Superstars, but there’s only one Genius of the Sky.

An aerial artist without peer, Io Shirai touched down in NXT in the summer of 2018, after she was announced to great fanfare as a new signee at a WWE Live Event in Tokyo. For Shirai, who was thrice named the top women's wrestler of the year by national Japanese newspaper Tokyo Sports before joining NXT, her mission is clear: Having ascended the mountaintop in her native country, Shirai wants to conquer new frontiers and prove that she’s not only the best wrestler in her homeland, but in the entire world.

Moonsaults, hurricanranas and springboard dropkicks are Shirai’s stock-in-trade, and you’d expect nothing less from a Superstar who cites Rey Mysterio as her greatest inspiration. The WWE Universe saw Shirai’s gravity-defying antics up-close for the first time in the 2018 Mae Young Classic, where The Genius of the Sky soared all the way to the tournament final at WWE Evolution.