Season 5 episodes

S5 EP13
Diamond Exchange
The hunt for Rebecca Lowe is on! With a citywide search in progress, Neal and Peter try to get inside her mind, but Rebecca herself soon makes the extent of her plan clear. It turns out the murderous mastermind has injected Mozzie with a slow-acting poison. Bring her the diamond, and the antidote is theirs. Fail, and their friend dies a protracted and painful death.
S5 EP12
Taking Stock
With Rebecca behind bars and Peter turning his thoughts to D.C., Neal announces his desire for a future without a tracking anklet. In order to have his sentence dropped, though, he’ll need a recommendation from his supervisor, and Peter isn’t sure he’s ready to sign off on his CI just yet.
S5 EP11
Shot Through The Heart
Reeling from the revelation that Rebecca murdered two men while using him to get to the diamond, Neal finally comes clean to Peter about the truth of the Mosconi Codex. Seeing the deep hurt in his CI, Peter worries that Neal may not be able to keep up appearances long enough for the FBI to build a case against Rebecca. But while Neal proves more than up to the task, the waters are muddied when he learns that Rebecca may have developed real feelings for him.
S5 EP10
Live Feed
Trying to put the recent revelations concerning the truth of his release from prison behind him, Peter casts an eye towards a new job as section chief in D.C., and a possible future without Neal Caffrey. Yet despite his best efforts, Peter can’t seem to make peace with his CI’s betrayal, or Agent Seigel’s murder.
S5 EP9
No Good Deed
After all the weeks of half-truths and double crosses, the good deed Neal tried to do may finally be unraveled by the reappearance of a single Welsh gold coin. The FBI mobilizes to trace the path of the coin back to its owner, but Neal already knows where it will lead: the Federal prosecutor whom Hagen bribed to get Peter out of prison. Hoping to run interference, Neal convinces the prosecutor to give up the name of the fence he used to move the coin. But Peter has his own lead, and when he arrives on the heels of his CI, Neal must move quickly to help the fence escape and stop Peter from getting too close to the truth.
S5 EP8
Digging Deeper
Peter is giddy when the appearance of a stolen shipping crate containing a fossilized dinosaur egg kicks off a hunt for a missing Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. The search soon leads to corporate raider Brett Forsythe, a man who is used to taking what he wants, legally or perhaps otherwise. Forsythe is too smart to implicate himself, but the thief he may have hired to do his dirty work proves less so, and the FBI soon nab him when he resurfaces to steal the egg for a second time.
S5 EP7
Quantico Closure
Things get awkward when an anniversary dinner celebrating the day Peter and Elizabeth met is interrupted by Peter’s ex-girlfriend, Agent Jill Stone. It turns out that Jill is in town tracking a rogue tech genius planning to sell a powerful microchip to the highest bidder, and she needs Peter to help her pose as a team of interested buyers. El claims she’s fine with the situation, but she can’t help feeling uncomfortable with her husband’s proximity to his former flame, especially when the normally transparent Peter won’t share details of the classified case.
S5 EP6
Ice Breaker
A counterfeit passport bust leads Peter and Neal to the Russian neighborhood of Little Odessa and a beautiful figure skater whose brutal boyfriend leads a dangerous smuggling ring. In order to get inside the operation, Neal and Peter must pose as figure skating pros. Neal has no problem channeling the arrogant swagger of his sports agent cover, but while Peter is a strong skater, he’ll need a crash course in figure skating 101 to nail the part of the new skating coach. And with her volatile boyfriend watching their every move, one slip up could mean the end for the skater, and for Peter…
S5 EP5
Master Plan
Elizabeth visits the wealthy family of Patrick Wolcott, an old tutoring charge who infamously ran away from the family fortune as a teenager. Now, the local papers are trumpeting his return fifteen years later in connection with the news of his father William’s failing health. But something is off in the Wolcott home, and after a brief reunion with her old student, Elizabeth gets the nagging feeling that the prodigal son may not be who he says he is.
S5 EP4
Controlling Interest
Fifteen days have passed since the shooting of Agent Seigel, but the FBI is no closer to catching his killer. Without a case agent, Neal is stuck at his apartment under house arrest, trying in vain to distract himself from the nagging feeling that his connection to Curtis Hagen may be responsible for his new handler’s untimely demise.
S5 EP3
One Last Stakeout
News of Curtis Hagan’s early release prompts Peter to reflect on how far he and Neal have come since the early days of their partnership. But while Peter may be enjoying the perks of his new position, Neal must grudgingly serve both the FBI and the Dutchman. And now the Dutchman has a new job for Neal: stealing the 13th chapter of the Mosconi Codex, a valuable book on heavily secured display at the Gershon Museum.
S5 EP2
Out of the Frying Pan
With big changes afoot in the White Collar division, Neal anxiously prepares to destroy the evidence against Curtis Hagan and sizes up his new handler, a young up-and-comer from Chicago named David Seigel. Seigel has a pretty good idea of how to deal with Neal, but when a sting on an online black market website leads them to a shady import/export business run by Mozzie, Neal does some deft handling of his own to keep Seigel in the dark and Mozzie in the clear. However, when the very capable Seigel unknowingly digs up Mozzie’s true identity, Neal realizes they may have to destroy Mozzie’s past in order to secure his future.
S5 EP1
At What Price
Six weeks have passed since the shooting of Senator Pratt, but without a full confession from Neal’s father there seems to be little hope for Peter’s release. That is, until Neal gets a mysterious text from Curtis Hagan, the first criminal Neal and Peter put away together. Hagan has a way to get Peter free and clear of the charges, but he’ll need Neal to forge audio of his father confessing to the shooting – and in exchange, he’ll also need Neal to pull a job.