Season 4 episodes

S4 EP16
In the Wind
With the evidence box finally in their sights, Neal and James take a quiet moment to contemplate what the end of this journey may mean for their future. But Agent Callaway knows of their search, and while she assures Peter that she wants to see the box in FBI hands, he soon learns that she has also reported her findings to Senator Pratt.
S4 EP15
The Original
Peter and Neal get closer to finding out the mystery behind Ellen's evidence box while simultaneously chiseling their way through the world of sculpture forgery.
S4 EP14
Shoot the Moon
Romance is in the air as Neal and Sara revel in their current friends-with-benefits situation, while across town Peter surprises Elizabeth with a plan for an impromptu weekend getaway. After a quick stop at a party for Sara's perfume company client, it's off to parts unknown and some much needed r&r for the Burkes. But when a pair of thieves crash the party and escape with a bottle of perfume owned by Marie Antoinette, Peter and Elizabeth wind up captives in the back of the getaway car with no one there to witness.
S4 EP13
Empire City
While Neal and Mozzie search for a piece of the Manhattan skyline that matches Ellen's key, Peter is content to stay one step behind and monitor Neal's movements. But he won't be able to sit on the sidelines for long: Mozzie, a newly minted New York taxi owner, has spotted another cabby operating under his medallion number and he wants justice. Looks like Mozzie has brought Peter a legitimate case.
S4 EP12
Brass Tacks
With James safely out of town, Neal and Peter turn their attention to the person with both the motive and means to kill Dennis Flynn: Senator Terrance Pratt. Determined to take the Senator down and help James reclaim his life, Neal and Peter soon uncover suspicious meetings between Pratt and a big time real estate developer named Cole Edwards. However, Pratt's powers are far-reaching, and when a brake malfunction in Peter's car leads to an accident, the danger of their situation becomes all too clear.
S4 EP11
Family Business
After weeks of lies, the truth is finally out: "Sam" is actually Neal's father, James Bennett. With so many questions swirling, James begins to share the story of how he wound up a dirty cop under the thumb of a once-powerful D.C. mob family known as the Flynns - the same Flynns who just tried to have him killed. Reeling from his father's revelations, Neal isn't sure what to believe. But it's clear that Dennis Flynn, Jr., the man who attacked James and possibly killed Ellen, must be taken down. The team quickly identifies Flynn's latest venture into high-end counterfeit whisky as the way in, but Peter worries that the case may be too personal for Neal. However, Neal convinces him he can keep his mind off vengeance and on the task at hand, and it isn't long before Neal, posing as a whisky distiller with a willingness to play outside the law, has gained the mob scion's attention. But with his emotions already running high, being so close to a man who has caused so much pain to his family may be too much for Neal to take. And when he crosses a line with the murderous Flynn, even Peter may not be able to pull him out in time.
S4 EP10
Vested Interest
After his falling out with Neal, Peter tries his best to get back in synch with has partner in time for an FBI conference where they'll be featured speakers. But their panel is cut short when the conference suffers a security breach. It seems an uninvited guest has crashed the convention, and he had corporate espionage on his mind.
S4 EP9
Gloves Off

Original Air Date: September 11, 2012

S4 EP8
Ancient History
Alex Hunter is back in town and she's topping the FBI's short list of masterminds behind a botched Greek antiquities heist. Hoping to prove there's someone pulling her strings Neal reaches out to his former flame, yet as with all things Neal and Alex, the spark is there but the trust is harder to come by.
S4 EP7
Compromising Positions
Having reached out to Sam in IDENTITY CRISIS, Neal isn't taken completely by surprise when Ellen's mysterious confidant finally shows up in New York. But while Neal wants answers, Sam is the one asking the questions, leaving Neal with little idea of whom he is dealing with. Mozzie hesitantly suggests turning to Peter to bring some clarity to the situation, but with Sam's distrust of the FBI, Neal fears bringing Peter in will only scare Sam away. That doesn't mean he and Mozzie can't do a little investigating of their own, though.
S4 EP6
Identity Crisis
Still looking for a way to find the elusive Sam, Neal pins his hopes on an email address being monitored by an unknown party in Washington D.C. But while Neal and Peter have agreed to work together when it comes to Sam, they both secretly realize that the reality of the situation isn't nearly that simple.
S4 EP5
Honor Among Thieves
In the aftermath of Ellen's murder, Neal wrestles with his grief as he feels his chance for answers slip through his fingers. Peter tries his best to get information from the U.S. Marshals in charge of the case, but as he watches Neal's frustration mount he worries about what happened the last time Neal lost a loved one.
S4 EP4
Parting Shots
A $50 million insurance settlement brings Sara back to enlist Neal and Peter's aid in investigating Sophie Covington, a wealthy young widow whose hedge funder husband, Grant, died in what appeared to be an accident. Sara wants to make sure that Sophie isn't getting away with murder, but when Neal intervenes to save her from a kidnapping attempt, they realize that Sophie is more prey than predator.
S4 EP3
Diminishing Returns
With the island escapade behind him, Neal makes his return to the FBI. But just because he's back in the office doesn't mean things are back to normal: pending review, Peter has been reassigned to "The Cave," a cheerless evidence warehouse where cataloging and collating, not casework, is the order of the day.
S4 EP2
Most Wanted
With Neal in Agent Collins's custody at Dobbs's villa, Peter searches for a way to free his friend while Mozzie questions just what Neal's options are if they do manage to extricate him from Collins's grasp. But ruminating on the future is not a luxury they have, as Collins is wasting no time getting Neal off the island and back to the U.S.
S4 EP1
When we last left Neal, he had cut his anklet and made his great escape. Now, settled in to an island paradise off the coast of Africa, Neal and Mozzie go about creating their new lives. With unlimited funds at their disposal and the local fixer seeing to it that they stay off the radar, the future looks bright. Still, Neal can't help but feel a tinge of regret for the things he left behind in New York..