Season 3 episodes

S3 EP16
Judgment Day
The day of Neal's commutation hearing has finally arrived, but while Neal and his friends and colleagues are slowly called before the commutation panel, Peter must deal with a disturbing new development. It seems that for all his digging into old files, Agent Kramer isn't looking to put Neal back behind bars; he wants Neal with him in D.C., permanently. And to Peter's dismay, his old mentor has turned up information regarding Sara's missing Raphael painting that may be enough to extend Neal's sentence indefinitely. All Kramer needs is a final piece of evidence from Sara's files.
S3 EP15
Stealing Home
With the commutation hearing only a week away, the arrival of legendary con man Gordon Taylor stirs up fresh doubt about Neal's judgment. It seems that Taylor is in town on a contract job to hit Yankee stadium, and the renowned thief is considering Neal as a possible point man. Normally, Peter would jump at the chance to have a man inside, but Neal's excitement at the prospect of working with Taylor has the anxious agent contemplating whether his longtime CI is really ready to choose between his past and his future.
S3 EP14
Pulling Strings
With Elizabeth's parents coming to town for her birthday, Peter has a little surprise to keep Neal busy for the weekend: the energetic con will be lending his considerable talents to his ex-girlfriend, Sara Ellis. It seems that a Stradivarius violin has been stolen from the symphony, and Sara's main suspect is her boss, Bryan McKenzie - who, as it happens, was once Sara's fiancé. Sara and Neal quickly make some headway, but when Sara uses her old relationship to gain an inside track with Bryan, Neal can't help but feel a little jealous.
S3 EP13
Neighborhood Watch
When Peter leaves some surveillance equipment lying around, Elizabeth overhears a conversation that leads her to believe that their new neighbor, Ben Ryan, is planning a heist. Elizabeth warns Peter, but when nothing comes of the tip, the concerned FBI agent worries that his wife may still be shaken up from her run in with Keller.
S3 EP12
Upper West Side Story
With his commutation hearing looming, Neal looks for a way back into Peter's good graces. Not quite ready to forgive and forget, Peter suggests that if Neal is serious, the best thing he can do is focus on work.
S3 EP11
With Elizabeth abducted by Keller and Peter barely restraining himself from going berserk, Neal is finally faced with the devastating consequences of his double-dealing. Anguished, Neal promises to do everything in his power to bring Elizabeth back, even if it means handing over the treasure to his bitter rival. Problem is, Mozzie has the treasure, and after their painful parting of ways, he won't be an easy man to find.
S3 EP10
With the Degas exposed, his partnership with Mozzie fracturing, and Keller still at large, Neal scrambles to stop his house of cards from falling down. But things go from bad to worse with the arrival of Agent Philip Kramer, head of the D.C. Art Crimes Unit and Peter's mentor. Just as Neal feared, the Degas has popped up on the FBI's radar, and with his old teacher on hand, Peter is laser-focused on finding the missing painting.
S3 EP9
On The Fence
With Mozzie growing increasingly anxious and Sara distancing herself, Neal tries his best to keep a lid on the secret of the treasure. But staying cool becomes a lot more complicated when Matthew Keller resurfaces. Word is that Neal's old nemesis is back in connection with an Egyptian amulet that has been smuggled into Manhattan, but Peter and Neal share the sneaking suspicion that only one thing would be worth enough for Keller to risk returning to New York: the treasure.
S3 EP8
As You Were
After her heartbreaking discovery of the treasure cam in TAKING ACCOUNT, Sara decides the best thing she can do is end her relationship with Neal. Sara says her tearful goodbye, leaving the con man conflicted and confused.
S3 EP7
Taking Account
Sara becomes one of thousands of New Yorkers to be left penniless when a cyber-thief takes control of the server at Manhattan Mutual Bank and siphons $125 million into a Swiss bank account. The evidence points to a legendary hacker named Vulture, but without jurisdiction in the banking world and street cred in the hacking world, Peter and the FBI are hamstrung.
S3 EP6
Scott Free
Peter interrupts Neal and Sara's romantic breakfast with a new case that's got him giddy. The FBI has been tracking a 20-year-old Robin Hood named Scott Rivers whose audacious acts and cocky attitude have the team comparing him to their own con-in-residence. Neal is dismissive at first, but when Scott slips through their fingers, even he has to admit the kid is pretty good.
S3 EP5
Veiled Threat
Sure, Peter Burke can ride a horse and handle a high-end sports car, but can he date? That's the question when he, Neal and Jones go undercover as millionaires in a bachelor auction to pursue Selena Thomas, a serial bride who seems to be marrying and killing rich men. Peter's a little rusty, but with some coaching from Elizabeth he catches the sexy Black Widow's attention. And with some fancy footwork on their date, Peter is able to plant a bug at Selena's house while avoiding her amorous advances. Yup, Peter's still got it.
S3 EP4
The Dentist of Detroit
A sinister part of Mozzie's past rears its head when Edward De Luca, a major player in the Detroit mob, comes to town in search of a legendary criminal known as the Dentist of Detroit. Little does anyone know that this mythical crook is none other than Mozzie himself!
S3 EP3
The chess match between Neal and Peter deepens as Neal and Mozzie try to get their hands on the manifest from the Nazi submarine before it's delivered to Agent Melissa Matthews of Art Crimes. However, when their attempt to steal the list from Diana is thwarted by the arrival of her girlfriend, Christie, Neal considers a gentler approach.
S3 EP2
Where There's A Will
Neal and Peter are called in to help settle a dispute between two brothers arguing over the fortune of their very eccentric, astronomy-obsessed father. It seems the old man left his sons competing wills, but closer examination reveals that the two documents actually create the first in a series of clues that will lead to the real will. An inveterate puzzler, Peter is thrilled at the possibility of participating in a real life treasure hunt, but the brothers want nothing to do with what is simply another one of their father's crazy games. Peter is disappointed, until Neal points out that it couldn't possibly hurt if the two of them investigated the clues on their own.
S3 EP1
On Guard
Season two ended with a bang, but season three starts with a fast burn as we find Neal and Mozzie furiously loading crates into a small plane, a wail of sirens growing louder as Peter and the collective might of the bureau bears down on them, hell-bent on making sure they don't take off...