Season 2 episodes

S2 EP16
Under The Radar
After weeks of working the Vincent Adler case with little to show for it, the team finally gets a break when Sara uncovers what Adler has been hunting: a lost German U-Boat, wrecked off the coast of New York. While the rest of the department searches for Adler, the team tries to track down Alex, who may know more about the submarine than anyone else. But when Adler resurfaces, Peter worries that Alex and the calculating billionaire may be in cahoots.
S2 EP15
Power Play
It's the middle of a heat wave, but crime doesn't stop because the mercury's rising! The nervous assistant of Elizabeth's client has suspicions that her bully of a boss, energy trader Andrew Stanzler, may have a hand in creating recent blackouts so he can gouge the city on energy costs. Elizabeth sets a time for Peter to come meet with the girl, but when Peter gets held up in traffic and their would-be whistle blower begins to get cold feet, Neal steps in to calm her - as Agent Peter Burke!
S2 EP14
Neal's old rivalry with Matthew Keller is rekindled when he and Peter pay a visit to the incarcerated conman. Keller has a tip about a forger turned photographer named Jason Lang who may still have his hand in the counterfeit passport game. But in exchange for the help, Keller wants the FBI to halt his transfer to Barksdale Prison, a supermax facility dominated by the Russian mobsters who still have a price on his head. Of course, Neal rejects the proposition outright, but Peter agrees to check out Lang before they make any decisions.
S2 EP13
When June gets a visit from an old partner of Byron's named Ford, Neal's con radar goes off. Ford claims he's back in town for a fresh start but Neal isn't so sure, especially when the team learns that Ford has been meeting with a dangerous ex-cell mate named Jonas Ganz. And when Neal finds a printing plate for an old hundred-dollar bill hidden in June's house, he realizes Ford and Ganz's plan: to print brand new, legal tender.
S2 EP12
What Happens In Burma...
Neal and Peter are surprised when the Undersecretary of Asian Affairs asks for their help in an international matter. It seems an American college student named Christopher Harlowe is being held in a Burmese prison, accused of attempting to smuggle a "pigeon blood" ruby out of Burma. The State Department thinks the charges are trumped up, but relations with the Burmese government are tenuous. The only way to free Christopher will be to find the real smuggler, who may be in Manhattan. But Neal and Peter will have to work quickly; Christopher is due for sentencing in one week, and once the decision is handed down it will be nearly impossible to overturn.
S2 EP11
Forging Bonds

Original Air Date: January 25, 2011

S2 EP10
Burke's Seven
When we last left Neal and Peter, they were one step closer to solving the mystery of the music box. But the information has come with a price: Mozzie, shot by the mysterious Julian Larssen, lays in the hospital in a medically-induced coma.
S2 EP9
Point Blank
With the music box in their possession and their secrets behind them, Neal and Peter turn to Mozzie to help make sense of a new mystery: a second song inside the music box, unlocked with Neal's key. Mozzie thinks it may be a code, but he won't know for sure without proper analysis.
S2 EP8
Company Man
When a specialist for big time tech firm Novice Systems winds up dead, the FBI suspects the involvement of company founder and CEO Wesley Kent. However, their initial inquiries meet a brick wall in the form of Kent's legal team. If they're going to move the investigation forward, someone is going to have to go undercover at Novice. No, not Neal. Peter's degree in accounting makes him the perfect candidate to go undercover as an external CPA hired for Novice's yearly audit. Hoping to get a clean audit, Kent gives Peter the royal treatment - big office, fancy coffee, expensive dinners. And while Peter enjoys the good life, he finds compelling evidence that Novice may have a mole.
S2 EP7
Prisoner's Dilemma
It's Saturday morning, but Peter and Elizabeth are so busy with work that they can barely share two words over breakfast. Realizing it's been a while since they made time for each other, Peter calls a stop to the madness. Tonight, it's just the two of them. No work, no distractions.
S2 EP6
In The Red
The arrest of a soccer-mom-turned-jewel-thief leads Neal and Peter to an international adoption lawyer named Luke Donovan, who may be scamming would-be parents out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Peter pays Donovan a visit, but the oily lawyer is too smart to incriminate himself. However, a possible connection to Chechan mob boss Kaz Abramov may point the FBI in the right direction.
S2 EP5
Unfinished Business
A routine investigation into hijacked Japanese bearer bonds turns into an uncomfortable situation for Neal when he and Peter are teamed with Sara Ellis, an insurance investigator who had testified against Neal at his trial five years prior. While the charges didn't stick at the time, it doesn't stop the witty insurance investigator from holding Neal's feet to the fire, much to Peter's amusement.
S2 EP4
By The Book

Original Air Date: August 3, 2010

S2 EP3
Copycat Caffrey
When the theft of a famous painting makes the papers, Neal and Peter think they have a copycat on their hands who is taking inspiration from Neal's past exploits.
S2 EP2
Need To Know
Following their lead from Fowler's files, Peter and Diana stake out a secret meeting in the hope of getting a jump on whoever was responsible for the plane explosion. However, when a mystery man shows up, he proves too elusive for the agents to even get an ID.
S2 EP1
After the explosive events of the season one finale, Neal and Peter must deal with the fallout. It seems that Agent Fowler has disappeared and Operation Mentor has been covered up, leaving Peter under heavy scrutiny and Neal with the familiar choice: prison or the tracking anklet.