A counterfeit passport bust leads Peter and Neal to the Russian neighborhood of Little Odessa and a beautiful figure skater whose brutal boyfriend leads a dangerous smuggling ring.  In order to get inside the operation, Neal and Peter must pose as figure skating pros.  Neal has no problem channeling the arrogant swagger of his sports agent cover, but while Peter is a strong skater, he’ll need a crash course in figure skating 101 to nail the part of the new skating coach. And with her volatile boyfriend watching their every move, one slip up could mean the end for the skater, and for Peter…

Meanhwhile, when Rebecca Lowe shows up at the FBI with some uncomfortable questions about Neal and the Goshen museum heist, Neal must enlist Mozzie to pose as a fictitious supervisor for an impromptu meeting at a fake FBI office.  They soon realize they can turn their problem into a solution by enlisting Rebecca to help them crack the Moscone codex.  However, while their plan to turn Rebecca from accuser to accomplice succeeds, Neal’s slide back into old habits has not gone unnoticed by his real supervisor…


1) This was our first time shooting on the boardwalk in Brighton Beach.  It was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit both days.

2) Tatiana is a real restaurant on the boardwalk, with photos of guests lining a wall in the back room.  The biggest celebrity on the wall?  Steve Guttenberg.  

3) For safety concerns, crew members had to wear crampons and bike helmets to walk on the ice while filming in the ice rink.  

4) Tim DeKay used to play ice hockey, and was very comfortable on skates.  Tiffani Thiessen wasn't as experienced, and fell down during rehearsal.  Sprawled out on the ice, she started laughing so hard that Tim fell down laughing right next to her.  It was such a great moment... if only we had been filming!!  

5) The fog on the ice in the final scene wasn't from a fog machine, but actual steam rising from the ice because of added warmth from all the crew members and lights inside the rink.  

6) Sloan Stover the stunt skater in this episode has been at her craft for over 23 years! No wonder her axels look that great!

7) The Russian Vodka Bar that appears in this episode is actually Tatiana's Restaurant and Nightclub in Brighton Beach, a Russian neighborhood of Brooklyn.

8) Annet Mahendru is not only the lovely and mysterious Nina on The Americans, but she's also a brown belt in karate and speaks 6 languages.

9) This episode was helmed by acclaimed director and actor Eric Stoltz who's appeared in such classics as Pulp Fiction and Some Kind Of Wonderful.

About White Collar

White Collar centers on the unlikely crime-solving partnership between Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer), a charming con man turned consultant for the FBI, and Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), the Federal Agent charged with keeping him on the right side of the law.

When Neal escaped from a maximum-security prison to find his long-lost love, Peter had to bring him to justice - for the second time. Rather than return to jail, Neal suggested an alternate plan: he would provide his criminal expertise to assist the Feds in catching other elusive criminals in exchange for his eventual freedom. Initially wary, Peter quickly found that Neal provided insight and intuition that couldn't be found on the right side of the law.

Since then, Peter and Neal have amassed an enviable record within the White Collar Crimes Unit and laid the foundation for a deep friendship. But as some have said about Neal, once a con, always a con, and while his unique skills have helped Peter close some high profile cases, his methods have endangered both his friends and fellow colleagues and drawn increased scrutiny from the higher-ups.

Eventually, Neal earned a chance to have his sentence commuted, but when he realized the scales of justice were unfairly weighted against him, Neal did the only thing left for him to do: he ran. Although Manhattan may be in his rearview, the past won't stay behind him for long, and soon both he and Peter will have to face the consequences of the choices they have made.

Cast & Crew

Peter Burke as played by Tim DeKay