Season 6 episodes

S6 EP6
Au Revoir
This is it! With the pneumatic tube up and running, Woodford and the Pink Panthers put the final pieces into place to execute their master plan. Little do they realize that with Peter among them, the FBI is one step closer to taking them down – and Neal is one step closer to finally getting the freedom he’s fought so hard to earn.
S6 EP5
Suspicion is the order of the day, as Woodford hunts for the mole in his midst. Fearing the cautious head Panther may pull the plug on the heist if the traitor can’t be found, Neal and Peter decide the best course of action will be to ease Woodford’s fears by offering him a mole on a silver platter.
S6 EP4
All's Fair
Radio silence from the Pink Panthers has Neal and Peter worried that the targets of their investigation have gone underground. While Neal ponders why the Panthers are shutting him out, the rest of the FBI hopes the Atlas Tech algorithm can shed some light on Woodford’s master plan.
S6 EP3
Uncontrolled Variables
With the Pink Panthers leaving town, Woodford orders Neal and Keller to break into a high tech security firm and make a copy of a top-secret digital file stored in the vault. Neal isn’t exactly savoring the opportunity to relive old times with his former partner, and he’s even more unhappy to learn that the only way to get close to the vault will be to seduce the trusting assistant to the head of the company.
S6 EP2
Return To Sender
Tired of the FBI’s empty promises, Neal presents Peter with an ironclad contract that will assure he is released if he helps bring down the Pink Panthers. But while Neal is dead set on using the Panthers to finally gain his freedom, Peter worries he may not be properly weighing the risks.
S6 EP1
Borrowed Time
Minutes after Neal’s tracking anklet pings at HQ, the FBI bursts into Neal’s apartment to find it empty. To Peter, it looks as if his CI has finally flown the coop, but when Mozzie convinces the wary Suit that something else is afoot, Peter is forced to turn to an unexpected source to help find his friend.