S6 episode 5 Aired on December 11, 2014

Original Air Date: December 11, 2014


Suspicion is the order of the day, as Woodford hunts for the mole in his midst.  Fearing the cautious head Panther may pull the plug on the heist if the traitor can’t be found, Neal and Peter decide the best course of action will be to ease Woodford’s fears by offering him a mole on a silver platter. 

At the same time, the news that the Panther’s master plan includes heavy artillery has Peter on edge, but Mozzie’s brilliant hack of the Atlas Tech algorithm soon puts Neal in the position to get Woodford to ditch the guns while keeping the FBI one step ahead of their quarry.  

However, Peter grows increasingly concerned that a Neal off-anklet is a Neal he can’t trust, especially with half a billion dollars in play.  Mozzie, too, worries that Neal’s continued refusal to bring him into the fold with the Panthers means that his long time confidant is hatching a larger plan without him.  Meanwhile, Luc’s own misgivings about Neal soon lead to a rift between the Interpol agent and Peter.  And when Keller uses those same insecurities to manipulate his handler, it could put the whole case in jeopardy…