Uncontrolled Variables
S6 episode 3 Aired on November 20, 2014

Original Air Date: November 20, 2014

Synopsis:  With the Pink Panthers leaving town, Woodford orders Neal and Keller to break into a high tech security firm and make a copy of a top-secret digital file stored in the vault.  Neal isn’t exactly savoring the opportunity to relive old times with his former partner, and he’s even more unhappy to learn that the only way to get close to the vault will be to seduce the trusting assistant to the head of the company.

At the same time, Peter and the FBI dig into Keller’s Interpol connection.  It isn’t long before they make the acquaintance of Luc Renaud, the Interpol agent who is pulling Keller’s strings. Peter can sense Renaud’s disdain for the FBI’s authority from the start, but when it becomes clear that they’ll make more headway together than they will separately, the American agent has little choice but to enter into a temporary alliance with his French counterpart.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth turns to Diana with questions about motherhood when she begins to worry that Peter’s job will steal him away from his fatherly 

Meanwhile, an unforeseen snafu makes it necessary for Neal to prolong his seduction, leaving him conflicted about the effect the con will have on the feelings of his latest mark.  However, when Luc gets reckless with the rules of his arrangement with Peter, the fallout could lead to worse things than hurt feelings…