Return To Sender
S6 episode 2 Aired on November 13, 2014

Original Air Date: November 13, 2014

Synopsis: Tired of the FBI’s empty promises, Neal presents Peter with an ironclad contract that will assure he is released if he helps bring down the Pink Panthers.  But while Neal is dead set on using the Panthers to finally gain his freedom, Peter worries he may not be properly weighing the risks.

Later, Neal shows up to his formal introduction to the Pink Panthers to find an unwelcome surprise in the shape of Matthew Keller.  It seems that Neal’s one-time partner and full-time nemesis is now the Panther’s newest recruit.  But rather than drop the dime on Neal, Keller sings his praises, leading Neal to suspect that his wily adversary has something up his sleeve.

Meanwhile, the Panthers task Neal with stealing a rare stamp being auctioned off by a woman reputed to be the Sotheby’s of the black market.  Neal poses as the libertine scion of a wealthy, camera-shy California family to gain access to the event, but when Neal’s usual charm falls flat, Peter gets an early jump on fatherhood and steps in as the disapproving but loving patriarch to Neal’s arrogant playboy.

 At the same time, it isn’t long before Keller approaches Neal about a possible alliance within the Panthers.  Neal knows he can never fully trust Keller, but he also knows Keller’s skills would make him an invaluable asset in bringing down the Panthers.  However, Peter and Mozzie worry that their friend is so focused on earning his freedom that he may not see the danger growing right in front of him…