Master Plan
S5 episode 5 Aired on November 14, 2013

Original Air Date: November 14, 2013

Synopsis: Elizabeth visits the wealthy family of Patrick Wolcott, an old tutoring charge who infamously ran away from the family fortune as a teenager.  Now, the local papers are trumpeting his return fifteen years later in connection with the news of his father William’s failing health.  But something is off in the Wolcott home, and after a brief reunion with her old student, Elizabeth gets the nagging feeling that the prodigal son may not be who he says he is.

Hoping to get an inside look at the situation, Neal poses as the Wolcott’s new butler.  It isn’t long before he pegs “Patrick” as a fake, and uncovers a possible plot to make off with a trust worth $40 million.  But when Elizabeth approaches William with her concerns, the savvy imposter uses William’s blind love to neutralize the threat and push up the date of his score.  Neal and Peter soon realize that the real Patrick is alive, and being held somewhere in the city.  But with William signing over the trust in a day, the FBI has less than 24 hours to expose the imposter before he slips away with a windfall, and the Wolcott’s lose Patrick again, this time for good…

Production Notes

1) Peter Burke is a fan of baseball, just like Tim Dekay! Tim also played a former professional Baseball player turned carnival roustabout, Jonesy, on HBO's Carnivale.

2) Mozzie's right about the incredible honey bee! It takes 12 bees their entire lifespan to make just one teaspoon of honey.

3) Homme Du Cornet isn't the only man with a snack that Picasso is famous for painting. He also has an earlier painting called Man with Lollypop.

4.) Matt Bomer consulted with a professional butler to make sure his butler technique was accurate.

5.) When a butler stands with his hands crossed behind his back, it indicates that the household requires a more formal degree of service.

6.) Tim DeKay's scenes were not filmed sequentially. To track how sick Peter would be in any given scene, we went through the script and rated each "sick scene" on a scale of 1-1-10.

7.) Four King Charles Cavalier spaniels auditioned for the part of Chauncey Wolcott.

8.) The shower at the Burke's house was built specifically for this episode. It hasn't been used since!

9.) There is an active urban beekeeping movement in Manhattan and the Boroughs with the goal of countering colony collapse, making it a perfect hobby/cause for Mozzie.