Controlling Interest
S5 episode 4 Aired on November 7, 2013

Original Air Date: November 7, 2013

Synopsis: Fifteen days have passed since the shooting of Agent Seigel, but the FBI is no closer to catching his killer.  Without a case agent, Neal is stuck at his apartment under house arrest, trying in vain to distract himself from the nagging feeling that his connection to Curtis Hagen may be responsible for his new handler’s untimely demise.

With cases piling up and the department in need of a few wins, Peter decides to resume the Caffrey-Burke partnership. It isn’t long before their first case lands in their laps when a reformed bank robber pushes into the FBI offices to confess to a crime that he can’t remember committing.  The investigation soon leads the team to a psychiatrist who may be manipulating her former criminal patients into returning to their old ways. 

Naturally, Neal’s background presents the perfect way in with their suspect, but when the good doctor subjects Neal to an experimental drug treatment that puts him in a highly suggestible state, the con worries that he has given away the FBI’s investigation.  With no evidence linking the doctor to any wrong doing, the only way to take her down will be to embrace the effects of her truth serum and turn it to their advantage.  However, Neal may wind up sharing a little more than he bargained for in the process

Production Notes

1. Guest actress Elizabeth Marvel, who plays Dr. Summers, also played the role of Alicia Corwin on Person of Interest, a show that shoots on the same NYC stages as White Collar. Elizabeth Marvel is also a Coen Brothers regular, having appeared in such films as Burn After Reading and True Grit. 

2. Director Kevin Bray has helmed multiple episodes of another great USA Networks show, SUITS. 

3. Guest actor David Call, who plays Griffith, is friends with Lena Dunham, creator of GIRLS, who cast him in her feature film debut TINY FURNITURE. 

4. The Neal/Summers word-association scene was inspired by the writers room loving the James Bond/word association scene in SKYFALL. 

5. The "Goodnight, Cinderella" drug is an ACTUAL cocktail that women in Rio have used to dupe unsuspecting men into doing whatever they want. Based on various, true incidents.