One Last Stakeout
S5 episode 3 Aired on October 31, 2013

Original Air Date: October 31, 2013

Synopsis: News of Curtis Hagan’s early release prompts Peter to reflect on how far he and Neal have come since the early days of their partnership.  But while Peter may be enjoying the perks of his new position, Neal must grudgingly serve both the FBI and the Dutchman.  And now the Dutchman has a new job for Neal: stealing the 13th chapter of the Mosconi Codex, a valuable book on heavily secured display at the Gershon Museum.

With Agent Seigel checking Neal’s anklet every few hours, the normal approach is out.  But what if Neal were at the museum to stop a robbery?  Neal and Moz soon concoct a scheme that will put another thief in the museum with Neal and Seigel on stakeout outside.  With a well-timed distraction and an ID card from a beautiful and unwitting museum book expert, Neal should be able to secure the pages for Hagan AND bring in a big bust for his handler.

Everything is going according to schedule – until an unannounced visit from Peter and a tripped alarm lead to the thief escaping.  Now, with Hagan waiting on his prize, Neal will have to find a way to wrap the case up before the FBI starts looking too closely…


Production Notes:

1) The Mosconi Codex went through four or five different names due to clearance issues.  One previous version was The Serafino Codex.  

2) The Gershon Museum location was actually The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens.

3) The rare book room where the Mosconi Codex is located was built on stage.

4) We have a con-man consultant who taught Neal (Matt Bomer) how to properly distract Rebecca (Bridget Regan) and lift her museum security pass.

5) It started pouring rain just as we were about to begin filming the final scene of the episode, which added nicely to the mood.   

6) The name “The Dutchman” refers to the The Flying Dutchman, a legendary ghost ship doomed to forever sail the seas and never make port.

7) Though the scenes in the fictitious “Gershon Museum” were shot at the Museum of the Moving Image the rare book room was actually built on White Collar's sound stages at Silvercup.

8) The artist whose work is stolen in this episode, Karen Kates, takes her name from an assistant set decorator on the show.