Shot Through The Heart
S5 episode 11 Aired on January 16, 2014

Original Air Date: January 16, 2014

Synopsis: Reeling from the revelation that Rebecca murdered two men while using him to get to the diamond, Neal finally comes clean to Peter about the truth of the Mosconi Codex.  Seeing the deep hurt in his CI, Peter worries that Neal may not be able to keep up appearances long enough for the FBI to build a case against Rebecca.  But while Neal proves more than up to the task, the waters are muddied when he learns that Rebecca may have developed real feelings for him.  

Determined to end things once and for all, Peter uses Rebecca’s emotions against her by positioning Neal as the prime suspect in Hagen’s murder.  Sure enough, their plan drives Rebecca straight to Neal, but when she sees through the ruse at the last minute, her true, dangerous colors come out and she flees. 

Now, as the FBI draws closer to Rebecca’s real identity and finally finds evidence tying her to Agent Seigel’s death, Neal slowly comes to grips with the true nature of their complicated relationship and realizes he’s the one person that can bring her in.  But while Peter won’t use Neal as bait for a second time, what he doesn’t know is that Rebecca still has Hagen’s blackmail tape, and Neal will go to any lengths to get it back - even if it means putting himself in the line of fire…