Gloves Off
S4 episode 9 Aired on September 11, 2012

Original Air Date: September 11, 2012

Synopsis: Emotions are swirling at Peter's home when Ellen's video leads to new revelations about Neal's father. Peter and Neal make a pact not to share the information with anyone, but Mozzie worries it's a promise that neither one of them can keep.

Back at the office, the team is brought up to speed on their latest target: an inside trading ring being run by an old associate from Neal's Vincent Adler days, the ruthless Eric Dunham. It isn't long before Neal lands a job at Dunham's firm and learns that the cutthroat broker is passing inside information to the victors at his white-collar boxing club. Using a little fancy footwork, Peter manages to rig it so that he and Neal will square off for a shot at the prize, giving them the best odds at catching Dunham in the act while avoiding too many bruises.

However, things between Neal and Peter get testy as the weight of their promise becomes too much for either one of them to bear. And when Peter crosses the line as fight night approaches, their choreographed punches may open wounds from which their relationship can't recover.