Ancient History
S4 episode 8 Aired on September 4, 2012

Original Air Date: September 4, 2012

Synopsis: Alex Hunter is back in town and she's topping the FBI's short list of masterminds behind a botched Greek antiquities heist. Hoping to prove there's someone pulling her strings Neal reaches out to his former flame, yet as with all things Neal and Alex, the spark is there but the trust is harder to come by.

Meanwhile, when a thirty-year-old video message from Ellen surfaces, Neal's plan to watch the tape with Sam leads Mozzie to turn to Peter for help. Mozzie and Peter share similar concerns over their friend's blind trust of a man he barely knows, but Mozzie's snooping inadvertently leads he and Peter to blow Neal's cover with Alex, derailing the case and leaving Neal seething.

Now, while Neal deals with his feelings of betrayal, he hopes his past with Alex will convince her to trust him and roll on her current employer before they attempt another job. But as history shows, when it comes to Neal and Alex it's never quite clear where the truth lies...