Most Wanted
S4 episode 2 Aired on July 17, 2012

Original Air Date: July 17, 2012

Synopsis: With Neal in Agent Collins's custody at Dobbs's villa, Peter searches for a way to free his friend while Mozzie questions just what Neal's options are if they do manage to extricate him from Collins's grasp. But ruminating on the future is not a luxury they have, as Collins is wasting no time getting Neal off the island and back to the U.S.

With few means at their disposal, Peter and Mozzie manage to create a diversion and wrest Neal from Collins's clutches. But Collins is in hot pursuit and with half of Cape Verde on their trail, their options are limited - that is, until Peter realizes that Dobbs is actually Robert Macleish, one of the FBI's most wanted. Hoping their discovery can be used to Neal's advantage, Peter strikes a deal with Hughes that could bring Neal back to the FBI in his old position in exchange for the capture of Macleish.

Of course, making good on their end of the bargain won't be easy. Peter has no jurisdiction on the island, and Macleish's bribes to the local officials keep him quite safe on Cape Verde. But what if those same officials were to turn on Macleish? Mozzie and Neal soon hatch a plan to change Macleish's fortunes. However, with the tenacious Collins still hunting for Neal, even the best laid plans may be for naught...