In the Wind
S4 episode 16 Aired on March 5, 2013

Original Air Date: March 5, 2013

Synopsis: With the evidence box finally in their sights, Neal and James take a quiet moment to contemplate what the end of this journey may mean for their future. But Agent Callaway knows of their search, and while she assures Peter that she wants to see the box in FBI hands, he soon learns that she has also reported her findings to Senator Pratt.

Unsure of just whose side Callaway is on, Peter knows one thing - they've got to beat her to that box. Problem is, Callaway has thrown the full weight of the department into a massive search of the Empire State building. And to make matters worse, Senator Pratt has rented the entire floor above the box, and he's brought in some heavy-duty security. The only way to beat the system will be to clone Pratt's ID, and that means getting close enough to touch the shady Senator. But when James's temper gets the best of him, he and Neal wind up wanted men.

Now, with time running out and a battalion of federal agents on the move, Peter must take an enormous risk to help Neal and James put a daring plan into action. The question is, will his trust be rewarded? Only time will tell. But with so much riding on the box for so many people, someone is going to have to take a fall...