Brass Tacks
S4 episode 12 Aired on January 29, 2013

Original Air Date: January 29, 2013

Synopsis: With James safely out of town, Neal and Peter turn their attention to the person with both the motive and means to kill Dennis Flynn: Senator Terrance Pratt. Determined to take the Senator down and help James reclaim his life, Neal and Peter soon uncover suspicious meetings between Pratt and a big time real estate developer named Cole Edwards. However, Pratt's powers are far-reaching, and when a brake malfunction in Peter's car leads to an accident, the danger of their situation becomes all too clear.

At the same time, Mozzie and Jones turn to a quirky "keymaster" to help locate the lock opened by Ellen's key. But in exchange for his aid, Mozzie will have to give up something near and dear.

Meanwhile, Neal and Diana make a discovery that could give them the leverage they need to flip Edwards on Pratt. With Peter in the hospital, the team pulls together, but when a distraught Elizabeth comes to Neal to help protect her husband, Neal must make a decision that will drive a wedge between him and Peter. And with the influential Pratt making his own moves, even the smallest weakness could very well be their undoing.