Family Business
S4 episode 11 Aired on January 22, 2013

Original Air Date: January 22, 2013

Synopsis: After weeks of lies, the truth is finally out: "Sam" is actually Neal's father, James Bennett. With so many questions swirling, James begins to share the story of how he wound up a dirty cop under the thumb of a once-powerful D.C. mob family known as the Flynns - the same Flynns who just tried to have him killed. Reeling from his father's revelations, Neal isn't sure what to believe. But it's clear that Dennis Flynn, Jr., the man who attacked James and possibly killed Ellen, must be taken down. The team quickly identifies Flynn's latest venture into high-end counterfeit whisky as the way in, but Peter worries that the case may be too personal for Neal. However, Neal convinces him he can keep his mind off vengeance and on the task at hand, and it isn't long before Neal, posing as a whisky distiller with a willingness to play outside the law, has gained the mob scion's attention. But with his emotions already running high, being so close to a man who has caused so much pain to his family may be too much for Neal to take. And when he crosses a line with the murderous Flynn, even Peter may not be able to pull him out in time.