As You Were
S3 episode 8 Aired on July 26, 2011

Original Air Date: July 26, 2011

Synopsis: After her heartbreaking discovery of the treasure cam in TAKING ACCOUNT, Sara decides the best thing she can do is end her relationship with Neal. Sara says her tearful goodbye, leaving the con man conflicted and confused.

Neal's apartment isn't the only place where emotions are bubbling. When Jones's old Naval Academy buddy Jimmy sends intel pointing to conspiracy and murder at an international private security firm, it brings his wife - and Jones's former fiancee - Isabelle to the office, and stirs up old feelings inside the agent. Trying his best to stay focused, Jones zeroes in on the man pulling the strings: the company CEO, Commander Henry Van Horn. The team soon sets up a wiretap on the aggressive commander. But when they learn that Van Horn has had Jimmy kidnapped, the team must infiltrate the security firm before Jones's old friend is the next to be silenced in the cover-up.

Meanwhile, Neal and Mozzie figure out that Peter still has a copy of the U-boat manifest in his possession. However, when Neal learns that he'll have to break into Peter's home to get the list, he realizes that he's come to a bridge that he may not be willing to cross...