The Dentist of Detroit
S3 episode 4 Aired on June 28, 2011

Original Air Date: June 28, 2011

Synopsis: A sinister part of Mozzie's past rears its head when Edward De Luca, a major player in the Detroit mob, comes to town in search of a legendary criminal known as the Dentist of Detroit. Little does anyone know that this mythical crook is none other than Mozzie himself!

Of course, when Peter gets wind of this he immediately puts Mozzie into protective custody and, despite the little guy's protests, sends Neal to meet with De Luca as the Dentist's 'associate.' It turns out that De Luca wants The Dentist to run a familiar scam on the shady DA who sent his father to rot in prison. And just to make sure he has full cooperation, De Luca has threatened to kill one of The Dentist's known associates - Andrew Jeffries, the headmaster of Mozzie's old Detroit group home!

Seeing a chance to nail De Luca and protect both Jeffries and Mozzie, Neal and Peter decide to run the scam on their own. However, when Mozzie learns that Jeffries has hopped a plane to New York to warn his old ward, he escapes from lockdown to take matters into his own hands...