S3 episode 3 Aired on June 21, 2011

Original Air Date: June 21, 2011

Synopsis: The chess match between Neal and Peter deepens as Neal and Mozzie try to get their hands on the manifest from the Nazi submarine before it's delivered to Agent Melissa Matthews of Art Crimes. However, when their attempt to steal the list from Diana is thwarted by the arrival of her girlfriend, Christie, Neal considers a gentler approach.

Meanwhile, the team's latest case is a real handful: hard-driving journalist Helen Anderson is receiving death threats in connection with her latest story but won't accept FBI protection. The solution? Send Diana undercover as Helen's ambitious new assistant.

As the demanding Pulitzer winner tests Diana's usually unflappable patience, Peter and Neal investigate the threats against Helen. It seems that Helen has been digging into a major pharmaceutical company whose newest drug may be killing people. Hoping to bring about a faster resolution to the case, Diana joins Helen face to face with her anonymous source within the company. But Helen's enemies know about the meeting too, and they'll stop at nothing to make sure their leak is plugged...