Judgment Day
S3 episode 16 Aired on February 28, 2012

Original Air Date: February 28, 2012

Synopsis: The day of Neal's commutation hearing has finally arrived, but while Neal and his friends and colleagues are slowly called before the commutation panel, Peter must deal with a disturbing new development. It seems that for all his digging into old files, Agent Kramer isn't looking to put Neal back behind bars; he wants Neal with him in D.C., permanently. And to Peter's dismay, his old mentor has turned up information regarding Sara's missing Raphael painting that may be enough to extend Neal's sentence indefinitely. All Kramer needs is a final piece of evidence from Sara's files.

However, unbeknownst to either of them, Neal has overheard everything. Trying to stay a step ahead, Neal admits the truth to Sara in the hope that she can slow Kramer down. Unfortunately, Kramer is closer than Neal realizes, and when Sara is caught off guard, she lies to the agent in a desperate play to buy time.

Now, to protect Sara and save himself, Neal has less than six hours to turn her lie into truth. But in order to do so Neal will have to open a door he closed a long time ago. And in the end, he'll test not only the faith and trust of everyone who cares for him, but the very limits of how far he's willing to go to earn his freedom...