Pulling Strings
S3 episode 14 Aired on February 7, 2012

Original Air Date: February 7, 2012

Synopsis: With Elizabeth's parents coming to town for her birthday, Peter has a little surprise to keep Neal busy for the weekend: the energetic con will be lending his considerable talents to his ex-girlfriend, Sara Ellis. It seems that a Stradivarius violin has been stolen from the symphony, and Sara's main suspect is her boss, Bryan McKenzie - who, as it happens, was once Sara's fiancé. Sara and Neal quickly make some headway, but when Sara uses her old relationship to gain an inside track with Bryan, Neal can't help but feel a little jealous.

Back at the office, Agent Kramer arrives to do some due diligence before Neal's commutation hearing. Peter's former mentor assures Neal that his appearance will just be a formality, but Kramer's questions start to give the impression that he has something else up his sleeve.

Meanwhile, the evidence from Sara and Neal's snooping leads to a night at the symphony. While Sara escorts Bryan, Neal and Diana pose as a well-to-do couple to keep an eye on things, but little do they know that their evening of culture will end with a dead body...