Upper West Side Story
S3 episode 12 Aired on January 24, 2012

Original Air Date: January 24, 2012

Synopsis: With his commutation hearing looming, Neal looks for a way back into Peter's good graces. Not quite ready to forgive and forget, Peter suggests that if Neal is serious, the best thing he can do is focus on work.

Luckily for the contrite conman, a new case has landed in their lap, courtesy of Evan Leary, a bright young scholarship student at Manhattan Preparatory Academy. It seems that Andy Woods, the financier overseeing Manhattan Prep's endowment, may be embezzling from the school. Posing as a wealthy parent with Neal along as his assistant, Peter makes a visit to the prestigious private academy. Woods is accommodating at first, but when Peter's questions cut too deep, the shady financier decides a little intimidation is in order.

Meanwhile, despite Peter's admonishments to stay on the straight and narrow, Neal is mistaken for a substitute teacher and soon has the teenage girls in Evan's English class starry-eyed, including Andy Woods's daughter and the object of Evan's affection, Chloe.

But not everyone is swooning over Neal's Dead Poets Society routine. Peter reprimands Neal for disobeying orders yet again, until he finds a way to turn Neal's insubordination into a break in the case. And when Chloe boldly invites Neal to her house for a private tutoring session, Peter sees their chance to get near Woods' files. However, neither of them realizes that Chloe's little crush on her new teacher may throw a big wrench into their plans...