S3 episode 11 Aired on January 17, 2012

Original Air Date: January 17, 2012

Synopsis: With Elizabeth abducted by Keller and Peter barely restraining himself from going berserk, Neal is finally faced with the devastating consequences of his double-dealing. Anguished, Neal promises to do everything in his power to bring Elizabeth back, even if it means handing over the treasure to his bitter rival. Problem is, Mozzie has the treasure, and after their painful parting of ways, he won't be an easy man to find.

Thankfully, when Mozzie gets wind of the situation, he rushes back to lend a hand. However, the contemplative con man rightfully reasons that giving the treasure to Keller will only be signing Elizabeth's death sentence. Peter's only hope of seeing his wife alive again will be to stall Keller and give the FBI enough time to find her.

Now, with the clock counting down and Elizabeth doing her best to stay cool in the face of Keller's threats, the threesome hatch a desperate plan that lands the treasure in NYPD custody and just out of Keller's reach. Their gambit pays off, but it leaves them in a dangerous position: in order to save Elizabeth, they'll have to help their enemy steal the treasure back. And with Peter falling apart, putting their fate in the hands of the treacherous Keller may be one mistake too many...