S3 episode 10 Aired on August 9, 2011

Original Air Date: August 9, 2011

Synopsis: With the Degas exposed, his partnership with Mozzie fracturing, and Keller still at large, Neal scrambles to stop his house of cards from falling down. But things go from bad to worse with the arrival of Agent Philip Kramer, head of the D.C. Art Crimes Unit and Peter's mentor. Just as Neal feared, the Degas has popped up on the FBI's radar, and with his old teacher on hand, Peter is laser-focused on finding the missing painting.

Now, under more scrutiny than ever, Neal must walk a thin line while he and Mozzie attempt damage control. They manage to throw Peter off the scent for the time being, but with the Feds slowly closing in, Mozzie decides he's waited long enough. Mozzie gives Neal an ultimatum - leave with him, and the treasure, in 48 hours, or stay in Manhattan with Peter. Time to choose a side.

Meanwhile, when the feds track the Degas to a black market arms trafficker, Peter cuts Neal out of the inner circle. Out of the loop but not out of options, Neal devises his most daring plan yet to replace the Degas with a forgery, thus erasing any connection to Neal, Mozzie, and the treasure.

However, Keller is still lurking in the Manhattan shadows, and he'll do anything to possess the treasure. Anything...