Prisoner's Dilemma
S2 episode 7 Aired on August 24, 2010

Original Air Date: August 24, 2010

Synopsis: It's Saturday morning, but Peter and Elizabeth are so busy with work that they can barely share two words over breakfast. Realizing it's been a while since they made time for each other, Peter calls a stop to the madness. Tonight, it's just the two of them. No work, no distractions. 

But first, Peter has a job to do. Agent Jack Franklin, a former colleague of Peter's who was transferred out of the White Collar unit for having an inappropriate relationship with a CI, is on the run. The U.S. Marshals, led by alpha dog Marshal John Deckard, are tracking Franklin in connection with the deaths of federal witnesses, and they've been ordered to loop Peter's team in on the hunt. 

Hoping to find Franklin before the uncooperative Deckard, Peter and Neal pay a visit to Franklin's old CI, Rebecca Vidal. Rebecca isn't saying anything, but Peter lets her know that if Franklin is ready to talk, he's willing to listen. Back at the office, Diana shows Peter a file Franklin had amassed containing surveillance information on key witnesses and U.S. Marshals - including Deckard. The question is, what was Franklin up to? 

Hoping to get a better look at the file away from Deckard's prying eyes, and to get a jump on his date night pot roast, Peter heads home. But Peter's cooking is interrupted when Franklin shows up at his house. He got the message Peter gave to Rebecca, and he wants Peter's help in clearing his name; the real bad guy is Deckard, and Franklin can prove it. 

But clearing Franklin means going up against not only Deckard, but also the rest of the U.S. Marshals and the FBI. And in order to do that, Peter will have to do something he's never done before: go on the run!