In The Red
S2 episode 6 Aired on August 17, 2010

Original Air Date: August 17, 2010

Synopsis: The arrest of a soccer-mom-turned-jewel-thief leads Neal and Peter to an international adoption lawyer named Luke Donovan, who may be scamming would-be parents out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Peter pays Donovan a visit, but the oily lawyer is too smart to incriminate himself. However, a possible connection to Chechan mob boss Kaz Abramov may point the FBI in the right direction. 

At the same time, Neal has mixed feelings when Mozzie takes it upon himself to break into Sara Ellis' apartment and steal the FAA package containing the black box recording from the plane explosion. Little do they both realize that they've kicked the hornets' nest. 

Meanwhile, Neal and Peter follow the Donovan-Abramov connection to an underground gambling club owned by Abramov. Posing as his alter ego Nick Halden, Neal learns that Donovan owes Abramov 200 grand - and Abramov is a guy you don't want to owe money to. 

A veteran card shark, Donovan plans to use the winnings from an upcoming poker game at the club to settle his debt. However, if Donovan were to lose to Neal, he'd be desperate enough to scam another set of prospective parents in order to come up with the cash. And if, say, Diana and Jones were posing as those prospective parents, they could catch him in the act. The trap is laid perfectly - until Sara has Neal arrested. And with Neal out of the picture, Donovan could get away scot-free.