Need To Know
S2 episode 2 Aired on July 20, 2010

Original Air Date: July 20, 2010

Synopsis: Following their lead from Fowler's files, Peter and Diana stake out a secret meeting in the hope of getting a jump on whoever was responsible for the plane explosion. However, when a mystery man shows up, he proves too elusive for the agents to even get an ID. 

Back at the office, Peter briefs Neal on their latest case, a popular state senator named Gary Jennings who may be illegally funneling money into his campaign. If Neal and Peter want to take Jennings down, they're going to have to get inventive. Peter rattles Jennings' cage, approaching him like a puffed up FBI agent hell-bent on making problems for the senator. Enter Neal, posing as a political fixer who has the solution. Neal quickly earns Jennings's trust, but the only dirt Neal is able to dig up is a tenuous connection to an escort service. 

Meanwhile, Peter and Diana meet in secret to put a face to their mystery man. However, Jennings gets photos of their clandestine meeting, assuming it's a lover's tryst he can hold over Peter's head. Thinking quickly, Neal sees a way to use the situation to link Jennings to the escort service. But in order to make it work, Diana is going to have to go undercover as a high-class prostitute...