Forging Bonds
S2 episode 11 Aired on January 25, 2011

Original Air Date: January 25, 2011

Synopsis: Wanting information on Vincent Adler, Peter turns to the one man who may know more than anyone else: Neal. Bottle of wine in hand, Peter offers Neal full immunity in exchange for all his knowledge about this shadowy figure pulling all the strings. Neal accepts, but where to begin? 

Flash back to eight years ago. New to Manhattan, a younger and less well-heeled Neal is making a small living forging bonds and grifting other grifters, one of whom happens to be a goateed-and-toupeed Mozzie. Intrigued by this audacious newcomer, Mozzie suggests they form a team to perpetrate the con to end all cons - taking down Vincent Adler, the CEO of a massive hedge fund worth billions. 

Neal is green but he learns fast, ingratiating himself to Adler and making himself indispensable. It is under Adler's tutelage that Neal is introduced to life's luxuries: exquisite food, superior clothes, and fine wines. And it is during this time that Neal meets and falls in love with Adler's beautiful assistant, Kate Moreau. 

Meanwhile, a young, up-and-coming FBI Agent named Peter Burke lands Neal's case. And while he's impressed by Neal's ability, he's determined to bring him to justice. Little do any of them realize that Adler's next move will set in motion events that will change all of their lives forever...