Front Man
S1 episode 13 Aired on March 2, 2010

Original Air Date: March 2, 2010

Synopsis: Still on the hunt for the music box, Neal makes Alex an offer. If she tells him where the music box is, he'll steal it and give it to her - after he is done with it. Alex agrees to the plan, on one condition: Neal has to get rid of his tracking anklet. 

But Neal's got more to worry about than how to remove the anklet. Agent Kimberly Rice, a rising star in the agency, wants Neal's help finding the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy CEO. The main suspect? Ryan Wilkes, a dangerous criminal whom Neal once bilked out of half a million dollars. 

Working with Rice is no picnic, but Neal's intuition turns up several valuable clues, including a coat check stub from an underground casino Wilkes frequents. It's as good a place as any to look for Wilkes, but the sight of the Feds will only send the careful criminal running. It looks like Neal is going to have to go in, alone. It's a dangerous proposition, considering that Wilkes wants Neal dead. But it's also Neal's chance to get the tracking anklet removed and make good on his promise to Alex. 

To Neal's surprise, Rice is more than agreeable to his request to cut the tracker. But as it turns out, it's Neal who is being set up. Rice made a deal with Wilkes - the girl for a face-to-face with Neal. As soon as Neal approaches the club, Wilkes' men abduct him. Neal was the ransom the whole time! 

Peter is furious. Did Rice really believe Wilkes only wanted a meeting? Hughes immediately puts Peter in charge of the investigation. But with little to go on, it's a race against time to save the girl AND Neal. 

Meanwhile, Wilkes has big plans for Neal. He's pulling one of the biggest jobs of his career, and he wants Neal to act as his front man. And if Neal refuses, not only will he kill him, he'll also kill the girl, and anyone important in Neal's life, starting with Alex...