Home Invasion
S1 episode 11 Aired on February 9, 2010

With Fowler off his back for the time being, Neal turns his focus to the music box. His first step is to contact Alex Hunter, a beautiful high-end fence who may know the whereabouts of the coveted antique. 

Original Air Date: February 9, 2010

Synopsis: Across town, the team's stakeout turns into a murder investigation when shots are fired at the home of Christopher Gray, a wealthy stock trader who is under investigation for inside trading. Gray is dead, and the main suspect turns out to be his beautiful young mistress, Pierce Spelman. 

Back at the office, the team puzzles over their next step while Peter looks for a hotel to stay in because his electrical system is re-wired. Neal offers his place, but Peter isn't ready to be roommates with Neal. 

Neal investigates Spelman and discovers that the "to-do" list from her purse is actually a complicated code. While trying to crack the code, Alex interrupts Neal at home. She's annoyed that Neal didn't reveal his connection to the FBI, but admits that she does have information on the music box. However, now it's Peter's turn to interrupt. The hotel he booked was awful, and Neal DID offer his place, right? Neal is soon regretting his generosity, but the two make an important discovery. Spelman's "to-do" list is actually a hit list! 

But Spelman isn't an assassin. Whatever the connection between the other men on the list, none of them have wound up dead. Spelman is looking for something that these men have, but what? 

Neal and Peter use the list to track down Daniel Picah, an over-eager trust fund baby who is immediately taken with the FBI agents. With Picah's help, they find the objective of Spelman's search, a rare jade statue of an elephant. As it turns out, the elephant is part of a set of five that were given to Japan in the 1400's. 

Of course, Spelman isn't the only one looking for the statues. The Japanese government wants them back, and the FBI has pledged their support. But in order to make good on that promise, Neal and Peter may have to use Daniel Picah as bait for a killer...