Vital Signs
S1 episode 10 Aired on February 2, 2010

Original Air Date: February 2, 2010

Synopsis: Enjoying a beautiful day in the park with June and her young niece, Samantha, Neal learns some terrible news: Samantha needs a kidney transplant, but she was bumped off the donor list. However, June has been approached by a woman working for a charitable organization called Hearts Wide Open, offering to help find a kidney for Samantha - for a donation of $100,000. The whole situation sounds suspicious to Neal, and Peter is inclined to agree, although he warns Neal to tread carefully. 

Taking initiative, Neal sets up a meeting with the representative from Hearts Wide Open, Melissa Calloway. Mozzie, posing as June's financial advisor, tries to pump Melissa for information while Neal takes a less direct route and breaks into her car. He finds the names of a few doctors and an invitation to a charity event at a tennis club in Queens. 

As it turns out, all the doctors from Neal's list are members of the Doctoral Global Initiative, a group that does work in the third world. Could Hearts Wide Open be culling organs illegally from third world countries? It's time to talk to the organization's founder, Dr. Wayne Powell. 

Posing as DGI doctors, Neal and Peter head to the charity event. While Peter distracts Melissa Calloway with awkward flirting, Neal talks to Powell. Just as Neal thought, Powell seems to be recruiting doctors at DGI to do his organ scouting. 

Peter suspects that Powell may be keeping records at one of his clinics, but the files are protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. Of course, that doesn't stop Neal and Mozzie from taking matters into their own hands. Posing as a doctor transferring a patient, Neal gets into Powell's office and finds a donor list. But when Neal is captured by Powell's private security, Peter may be powerless to do anything to help him.