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Exclusive: Why Angelo Dawkins Credits Hart Dungeon & Triple H For His Street Profits Success

As Angelo Dawkins continues to dominate WWE alongside Montez Ford, USA Insider caught up with him about what's next for his career.

By Ethan Absler

As the Street Profits jockey for position amidst a packed WWE Tag Team division, Angelo Dawkins graciously found time to sit down for an exclusive interview with USA Insider to talk about his WWE career, his friendship with Montez Ford, and how the Profits feel about Triple H running the show. Dawkins and Montez Ford seem like best friends outside the ring. Now, 10 years into his time with the WWE, Dawkins took us through the start of his career, how he found Montez, and how they started the Street Profits.

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"As soon as Montez got hired, we’ve been cool pretty much ever since and we never looked back," Dawkins told USA Insider. "A couple of years after that, we had a match with each other at Full Sail for NXT and Triple H was like ‘Huh. Let’s see how these guys work together.’ And then we hit the ground running ever since and became the Street Profits."

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He continued: "That’s the thing about being boys with your tag partner. We already hung out, it was just a thing of meshing our styles together. I’m the more laid back of the two, he’s the more outgoing guy so it was how we could mesh in the ring. Once they felt we were ready they put us out there and now you see what you got today with the Street Profits, baby!” 

Last Monday on RAW, The Street Profits lost a hard-hitting tag-team matchup against The Brawling Brutes, but that isn’t deterring either man from pursuing the Unified Tag Team Championships. When asked if the Street Profits had a game plan to get back into the title picture, Dawkins revealed that the Tag Team Championships are always on their radar. 

“We faced the Brawling Brutes on Monday and now they have The Bloodline on SmackDown, and we wish them the best of luck. But our main goal is to be the ones to beat The Bloodline," he explained. "The Bloodline is the only team we haven’t really beat. We’ve beaten everybody else, but they’re the only team that has always had our number no matter what. We just gotta find a way to beat these dudes and get our titles back."

Wwe's Angelo Dawkins

Over the course of the past year or so, Dawkins has really upped his game in the ring to help himself and Montez win and keep those titles and be second to none. His agility is unbelievable, as is his footwork and ring psychology. This begs the question: When did the switch flip in his head and how did he become undeniable in the ring? 

“I credit all that with going to the [Hart] Dungeon and training with TJ and Nattie [Tyson Kidd and Natalya]," Dawkins explained. "I’ve always felt like I’ve been good in the ring, but I agree with you that lately, I’ve come into a zone of my own, I feel. It was just one of those things where I saw a lot of people talking trash on my name and it started to piss me off. So it was just like ‘Alright cool. Now I’m about to shut everybody up!’ I was just chillin' on the sideline, being a team player, but now it’s time to show everyone what I can do and shut them up in the process.”

Now that the Street Profits have beaten pretty much every team in WWE, we asked Dawkins if he had a dream match in mind. 

“I gotta pick a stipulation too. Let’s go with TLC for all the marbles, us versus The New Day versus The Usos," he said. "That would be my dream match. I mean you’ve got The New Day and The Usos, they’ve been carrying the tag team division for years. We were in NXT for the majority of that time, but we were all watching each other. I remember The New Day watching us, even The Usos back when they were cool before they became The Bloodline. All three of us have been at the top now, taking the world by storm so all three of us, the best tag teams, settling who is the best out of them all.” 

Well, with Extreme Rules coming up on Oct. 8, Dawkins may have the opportunity to put one of those teams through a table at least. Extreme Rules will undoubtedly prove to be as brutal as fans have come to expect over the years, and with Triple H as the newly appointed Head of Creative and Chief Content Officer, there are bound to be plenty of interesting new match-ups and plays on the way. As for how Dawkins feels about working more directly with Triple H? The Street Profits are all for it.

“Man, we like it. The Street Profits, we always have fun no matter what, but we’ve had Triple H with us, he was the one that pretty much put the Street Profits together," he explained. "So we’re used to Triple H in a way. I’ve had him for 10 years in NXT! But yeah, Triple H is awesome and is always in our ear just telling us to be ourselves and all that good stuff and to go out there and have fun and make sure we go out there and do what we do best and get the crowd pumped.”

You can catch Angelo Dawkins and the Street Profits live on RAW, Mondays on the USA Network as they try to climb the WWE Tag Team mountain and dethrone The Bloodline!

Meanwhile, you can watch more WWE content on Peacock now. 

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