Season 1 episodes

S1 EP4
The Kentucky Contract
Aired on 11/05/2019
Available until 01/16/2020
Doug solves a problem. Edwards has a breakthrough. Soyun embarks on a dangerous journey.
S1 EP3
The Berlin Proposal
Aired on 10/29/2019
Available until 01/16/2020
Bentley searches for answers. Edwards meets an asset. Doug gets a visitor. Soyun gets a mission.
S1 EP2
The Kwon Conspiracy
Aired on 10/22/2019
Available until 01/16/2020
Bentley returns to CIA. Tara travels abroad. Edwards digs deeper. Doug has nightmares.
S1 EP1
The Cicada Protocol
Aired on 10/15/2019
Available until 01/16/2020
From the world of Jason Bourne, agents across the globe are "awakening" to resume deadly missions.