The Berlin Proposal
S1 episode 3 Aired on October 29, 2019

Tara Gets Her Next Lead 

Following the car crash at the end of Episode 2, Tara and Jang-Mi continue their escape from the North Koreans on foot. Evading the assassins through the streets of Paris, Tara and Jang-Mi narrowly make their way to the Ecuadorian Embassy. After meeting General Kwon’s old friend Hector, Tara has an emotional moment with Jang-Mi as they say their goodbyes. Then Hector gives Tara a flash drive which serves as an encryption key to access $500 million in cryptocurrency that Kwon had hacked from the North Korean government, that Tara is to use to purchase the launch codes. Tara then checks in with Edwards as he’s in the middle of interrogating Haynes. Tara reveals that she knows about Treadstone, and that she is now going to Ghana to get to the bottom of Stiletto Six, as she has a contact there who can point her in the right direction.

A New Asset Gets Her Mark

In India, we meet a lean, intense woman named Nira Patel as she receives a kill order for a man named Johan Lang, a 25-year-old heir to a large German pharmaceutical company. Nira stalks Johan through the streets of Dharamsala before making eye contact with him. Johan then notices that Nira has dropped her scarf, and when he goest to return it, Nira ambushes him and spays a cloud of aerosol into his face. Johan gets disoriented and we later learn that Johan dies within a matter of minutes. 

Worst Party Ever

At home, Dae hides his top secret files libeled “Stiletto Six” when Soyun enters, and he tells her they’ve been invited to a party that night with some high-ranking VIPs. When Soyun goes to drop Jin Woo off at her mother’s house, she is approached by Colonel Li. Li reveals that he has evidence fingering Soyun as General Kwon’s killer and tells Soyun that Shin is a traitor and she is going to help Li expose Shin. In exchange for Li’s silence, he demands that Soyun replace Colonel Shin’s SIM card with a duplicate and deliver Shin’s actual SIM card by midnight or else her mother and son will be taken to a labor camp.

At the party, Soyun struggles to hide her anxiety as she searches for an opportunity to replace Shin’s SIM card. As the clock nears midnight, Soyun gets her chance but fumbles the duplicate SIM before being pulled away to play piano for the party. She starts to play, her fear and anxiety bleeding over into her music, until she suddenly stops – and runs out of the party.

Petra Visits An Old Friend 

After arriving in Moscow, Petra enters her old apartment from the 1970s – if it looks like the apartment is stuck in time, that’s because it is: nothing has been touched here since Petra left. As Petra attempts to fix the light switch, her neighbor Yulia offers to help, and Petra lets her into her apartment. Out of nowhere, Petra attacks Yulia – she had already sniffed her lie from the beginning! After a fistfight, Petra gets the upper hand and kills Yulia.

Petra then ambushes her former comrade named Max Schneider and grills him about why Yuri wants her dead. Max reveals that Yuri had a change in his belief systems, and realized that he could use his power to get rich. Max gives Petra a clue as to Yuri’s current whereabouts just before she slices his wrist.

Hypnotic Interrogation

Becker is having lunch with her husband, Tom, when Edwards calls to tell her that he’s outside the shooter, Haynes’, apartment in Salisbury, Maryland. Both Edwards and Becker are on high alert as they investigate this new shooting spree that could be linked to a former Treadstone operative. After hanging up, Edwards and Dr. Wells sneak into the apartment of the shooter and they see evidence suggesting that Haynes locked himself up as he started to lose control over his mind.

Later, Becker meets with Levine as they try to get their heads around new developments in the Haynes case. Levine mentions the death of Johan Lang in India, but Becker doesn’t connect the dots, eager to discuss Haynes. Becker tells her colleagues that one of Haynes’ victims was a former employee of Expo Oil in the Arctic, and that she was about to go public as a whistleblower with proof of labor violations. Furthermore, Expo’s biggest ally on Capitol Hill is a Senator named Eamon Wray, who sat on the Intelligence Committee for the Blackbriar hearings, which could connect the dots to Treadstone. 

Meanwhile, Edwards and Wells arrive at the county jail to interrogate Haynes again. After some initial resistance, Haynes agrees to let Wells hypnotize him again, and, in his hypnotized state, Haynes’ previous identity as a Treadstone agent starts to come through, and he reveals that he was given kill orders by a woman when in training. Haynes starts to lose control and, just as Edwards is demanding to know who woke him up, Haynes starts foaming at the mouth and loses lucidity. 

Bentley Gets A New Master

Back in 1973, Bentley searches for clues to fill the holes in his memory. He returns to the Psych Ward that he escaped from in Episode 1, only to find that it’s different than he remembers. He sees a Red-Haired Woman that could be Petra and nearly attacks her before he sees her face and realizes it’s just another red-haired Cleaning Lady. Shaken, Bentley goes to leave, but not before finding the gold necklace that Petra lost in their fight when Bentley escaped. After leaving the facility, he contacts Ferguson and asks for his help tracking where the Soviets went after leaving the facility. Ferguson agrees to meet, but the evidence he brings shows Bentley that he actually killed three CIA agents when under Soviet mind control. Just when things seem as though they couldn’t get worse for Bentley, Kohler steps out and Ferguson apologizes for betraying him. However, Kohler turns his gun on Ferguson and shoots him dead before giving Bentley a new directive: find Petra and bring her in.  

Day Drinking Turns Dangerous

At home, Doug gets a call from his friend Mike who offers Doug work with some sort of illegal activity, and Doug declines just as Samantha walks in. Doug suggests they go do some day drinking and they head to Cloonie’s Bar. At the bar, Doug and Samantha dance together before Doug starts to inquire about the woman on the mugshot. Little do they know that they are being watched by a mysterious man named Lowell from across the bar…

At the end of the night, Doug and Samantha return home, only to find Lowell waiting for Doug. Lowell tells Doug that he botched his job in Alaska, and that Doug needs to come with him. As Doug struggles to make sense of what Lowell means, he sees a window to attack Lowell and they engage in a brutal fight in Doug’s living room. Just when it seems that Lowell has the upper hand, Samantha appears with a pistol… and shoots Lowell dead.