The Kwon Conspiracy
S1 episode 2 Aired on October 22, 2019

Bentley’s Welcome Party

At the West Berlin CIA Headquarters, Bentley struggles as the realization sets in that he might have lost more of his memory than he thought during his time in Soviet captivity. Ferguson reluctantly tells him his mother has been informed that he’s dead, and then eventually tells Bentley he’s been missing for nine months, not the weeklong captivity Bentley had thought.

Bentley goes in front of West Berlin Station Chief, Dennis Kohler, and answers Kohler’s questions to the best of his ability, which isn’t saying much. His memory from his captivity is fuzzy, but he does remember there was a woman with red hair, who we know to be Petra, who made him feel more whole, more complete. When he realizes how this makes him sound, he tries to assert that he completed his mission and killed Dr. Meisner, but Kohler isn’t buying it… Backed against the wall, Bentley snaps and disarms the nearby guard, training his gun on Kohler and using Ferguson as a hostage to enable Bentley’s frantic escape from the CIA Headquarters.

Doug Surprises Samantha

Doug dreams feverishly about a brutal training session in which he must kill another trainee to save himself from drowning, but then he wakes up to find that he’s on the plane back home from Alaska with his friend Mike.

After landing, Mike drops Doug off at home where Doug surprises his wife Samantha. She’s so surprised that she greets this unexpected visitor with a pistol in hand, but they reunite passionately once she gets over her shock. Doug has to break the news to Samantha that he got laid off at the rig, but she’s optimistic and comforting. Later that night, Doug wakes up from a nightmare involving the mysterious Carol from Alaska and pulls out the mugshot of the unknown woman he had when he woke up in the snow. He searches the address written on the back and finds that it matches with a place called Cloonie’s Bar.

 A New Asset Wakes Up 

Becker tells Edwards that Kwon is dead, and Edwards tells Becker about the lead that he has on a “behavioral modification” specialist who may have been connected to the Treadstone assets.

Edwards makes his way to Atlantic City, where a hypnotist named Dr. Martin Wells performs a peculiar show in front of a sparse low-end crowd. Edwards approached Wells following the show and questions him about Treadstone. Wells reveals that the program ran deeper than Edwards thought, then is surprised to hear that Dr. Wells already knows that former assets are being woken up. As proof, Dr. Wells shows Edwards a grainy security video of a man named Stephen Haynes murdering four people in a shooting spree, then Wells points out to Edwards how this seemingly random shooter has all of the indications of a Treadstone asset. Off this bombshell, Edwards tells Wells he needs his help talking to Haynes.

Petra Leaves the Farm 

In the present day, Petra attempts to code in from her farmhouse following the Stiletto Six missile being remotely accessed in the hidden silo on her property, but she is dismayed to find that her contact number is no longer active. Out of options, Petra buries her dead husband Oleg and boards a train to Moscow. Upon her arrival in Moscow, Petra surprises her old friend Max with a call and tells him that she needs to meet with both him and Yuri.

Meanwhile, back in 1973, Young Petra gets berated by her KGB Major Yuri Leniov over losing Bentley; however, their relationship is revealed to be more intimate than the rest of their comrades know when they are later seen in bed together.

 Dae Gets the Big Job

After the brutal fight with General Kwon in Episode 1, Soyun tries to get to the bottom of who put the game console that activated her in her son Jin Woo’s locker. Reluctantly, Jin Woo reveals that it was given to him back an unknown man at school. Later, Soyun feels out Dae’s interest in fleeing North Korea just as Colonel Shin, who she had previously seen watching her, shows up at their house and tells Dae that he’s getting promoted. Just as Soyun is struggling to hide her panic at Shin’s appearance, her world is rocked when Jin Woo tells her that Shin was the man who gave him the game!

After Dae returns home from drinks with Shin, he reveals to Soyun that he was promoted because he had found out that Kwon was a traitor and exposed him. Soyun has to hide her surprise at this connection to the man she killed, and Dae tells her she can never speak of leaving the country again

Day Trip to Versailles

As Tara arrives in Paris and attempts to make contact with General Kwon’s daughter Jang-Mi, she is surprised to get a call from Edwards back in Washington, informing her that Kwon is dead and that a kill team is on its way to Paris from North Korea, presumably to take out Jang-Mi. Tara is able to track Jang-Mi to Versailles, where she approaches Jang-Mi and her boyfriend, Dimitri. Jang-Mi is dismissive of Tara’s attempts to speak with her, until Tara reveals a Silver Baptism Medallion that Kwon had given Tara. Tara tells Jang-Mi they need to go to the Ecuadorian Embassy, and Jang-Mi realizes this means that they are going to see Kwon’s old friend Hector. As Tara drives a shaken Jang-Mi and Dimitri to the embassy, they are suddenly cut off by a black SUV, with two armed North Koreans inside! Tara attempts to drive them to safety, but Dimitri takes a bullet to the head and the cars both lose control and crash, leaving Tara and Jang-Mi in a precarious position just next to two North Korean assassins.