Season 1 episodes

S1 EP6
Pitch Perfect
Aired on 07/09/2019
Available until 01/02/2020
Melissa's dream of singing in front of the Houston Astros gets benched when her nerves kick in.
S1 EP5
Melissa Gets Schooled
Aired on 07/02/2019
Available until 01/02/2020
Melissa deals with back to school day and is annoyed by David's fantasy football distractions.
S1 EP4
Tell It to the Judge
Aired on 06/25/2019
Available until 06/02/2020
Melissa and David spice up their dating life while Melissa judges a hushpuppy cooking competition.
S1 EP3
Driving Me Crazy
Aired on 06/18/2019
Available until 06/02/2020
Melissa attempts to pass her driving test, while also trying to curb her beauty product addiction.
S1 EP2
Mommy Issues
Aired on 06/11/2019
Available until 06/02/2020
Melissa struggles to please her mother and daughter by doing activities she doesn't want to do.
S1 EP1
Melissa Explains It All
Aired on 06/04/2019
Available until 06/02/2020
Melissa prepares for her biggest parenting challenge; giving her 12-year old daughter The Talk.