Season 1 episodes

S1 EP10
A Nation Reborn
Penelope takes charge. Miguel and Pete grapple with an unexpected enemy.
S1 EP9
I Will Participate
Joe debates the Purge with Jane. Miguel teams up with Pete to rescue Penelope.
S1 EP8
The Giving Time is Here
Lila grapples with rejection. Miguel and Penelope seek the safety of the Cantina.
S1 EP7
Lovely Dark and Deep
Miguel and Penelope hike the forest. Jane must endure David’s party. Rick doubts Lila’s intentions.
S1 EP6
The Forgotten
Joe remembers the past. Miguel confronts Henry. Jane learns a dark truth about David Ryker.
S1 EP5
Rise Up
Catalina warns Jenna. Henry torments Penelope. Jane goes on a ride along with the Matron Saints.
S1 EP4
Release The Beast
Jane must leave the office. Lila consoles Jenna. Penelope is thrust into the Carnival of Flesh.
S1 EP3
The Urge to Purge
Penelope prepares for her sacrifice. Rick and Jenna weigh the cost of closing their business deal.
S1 EP2
Take What's Yours
Jane considers the morality of Purge. Miguel searches for Pete the Cop.
S1 EP1
What is America?
Once a year, any and all crime – including murder – is legal in America for a period of 12 hours.