Season 2 episodes

S2 EP8
Heather and Ambrose continue their search for Julian as Marin’s past is unraveled.
S2 EP7
Part VII
Heather and Ambrose search for Julian.
S2 EP6
Part VI
Vera reveals Mosswood’s past to Ambrose, leading to a turn in Julian’s case.
S2 EP5
Part V
As Ambrose zeroes in on a new suspect, a rift develops between him and Heather.
S2 EP4
Part IV
Ambrose returns to Mosswood to confront Vera about the commune’s work.
S2 EP3
Part III
Heather makes a starting realization about Marin, as Vera and Julian are dealt a hard blow.
S2 EP2
Part II
Ambrose and Heather begin to unravel where Julian is from, as Julian is thrust into a new world.
S2 EP1
Part I
A troubled detective returns to his hometown to investigate why a young boy would kill his parents.