Pitch Perfect
S1 episode 6 Aired on July 9, 2019

Melissa’s National Anthem

On the way to Rocco’s baseball game, David records Melissa singing and submits it to the Houston Astros. Soon after, the family gets words that Melissa has been invited to sing “God Bless America” at the final home game of the season for the Houston Astros. While Melissa is excited for the opportunity, she can’t seem to shake her nerves before the big event. She tries yoga, a family recipe, and some simple relaxation but nothing can get rid of her nerves. Eventually, Melissa speaks with David about how she had given up singing in the past due to a rude music producer, who said her singing was great, but her looks wouldn’t cut it. The whole family encourages Melissa and, on the day of the game, she sings wonderfully as the family cheers her on.

On the Knife’s Edge

Meanwhile, Rocco’s birthday is fast approaching and David has the perfect gift idea for an almost-ten-year-old boy: a knife! Melissa immediately objects since she doesn’t even let Rocco use a kitchen knife to cut his food yet, but David insists they at least check out some possible knives. They end up at a hunting shop, but Melissa is still not convinced until David presents her with a compromise. He tells her that they will only get Rocco a knife if Rocco can memorize the rules of safety from a pamphlet. The next day at dinner, Rocco has the entire pamphlet memorized and Melissa agrees to letting him have a knife.

Birthday Fun

At Rocco’s birthday, the family gathers around to celebrate with him and his new knife that, to Melissa’s horror, Rocco uses to cut the cake. They all cheers with their respective pieces of cake but Melissa demands that Rocco doesn’t turn eleven any time soon.