Tell It to the Judge
S1 episode 4 Aired on June 25, 2019

Keeping the Spark Alive

As they are helping Rocco with his math homework, David and Melissa note that they are in desperate need of a date night, with even Remi’s social life seeming better than their own. David quickly volunteers to plan the night, leaving Melissa worried for what is to come. Those fears are confirmed when David takes her to a batting cage for the date. Immediately following, Melissa decides that she will be the next to take over planning their date and decides to sign them up for a cooking class. This turns out not to be their thing, but they decide to give it one more shot and go out to a bar. Unfortunately, Melissa’s mom refuses to babysit that night and they end up with third and fourth wheels named Rocco and Remi.

Hushpuppy Hubaloo

Melissa is ecstatic when she is asked to be a judge for a hushpuppy competition. She is even happier when she realizes that most of the town is trying to butter her up so they can get in good with the new judge. At a clothing store, Melissa is given free earrings and a necklace, and later is gifted a basket of goodies, and even free dessert at dinner with David and the kids. The only hiccup is that Melissa’s aunt Melba (who is not the best hushpuppy maker) is also in the competition. Melissa’s mom is set on the idea that Melissa should give the prize to her aunt, reminding Melissa that blood is thicker than water.

Hushabye Hushpuppy

At the competition, Melissa votes with her heart and does not award the prize to her aunt, but her mom comes around after tasting aunt Melba’s hushpuppies. Afterwards, Melissa, David and the kids gather together to eat a meal and David and Melissa are happy, even if their date nights do not come easily. That said, they know the date nights will be much easier to arrange now that Melissa’s mom is back on board to babysit!