Driving Me Crazy
S1 episode 3 Aired on June 18, 2019

Driving Miss Radke

Melissa is on the receiving end of some judgement from her family when they learn that she has been driving with an expired license for two years. Until she gets a new one, David confiscates her expired license, leaving her to resort to getting rides to the grocery store from a friend for a so-called “girl’s day” and also trying a ride app for the first time (to great results!). Ultimately, Melissa is forced to take the driver’s test but makes sure she looks her best before she goes -- because “when you look good, you drive good.” This turns out to be true when Melissa passes (despite a pretty intimidating woman testing her).

Beauty Ain’t Cheap

David notices that Melissa has been getting deliveries of beauty products almost daily and asks that she stop spending so much on them. Melissa reluctantly agrees, but finds that task more difficult than she expected. Unsurprisingly, she caves and must resort to some sneaky techniques to continue getting her favorite products, including using her son to smuggle her glam into the house.

A Compromise

After the lying and sneaking over beauty products becomes too much, Melissa confesses to David that she has continued to buy them but hid it from him. David is understanding, but asks her to scale back just a little, which Melissa easily agrees to, especially now that she has her perfect new photo for her driver’s license.