Mommy Issues
S1 episode 2 Aired on June 11, 2019

Mother-Daughter Blues 

Melissa is called over to her mother’s house to do a rehearsal for a show they are putting on at the local retirement community. As a former singer, Melissa wants to do things her own way, but her mother has a set idea of how she wants their performance to go, complete with matching costumes. After a choice comment about Melissa not knowing how to dress for her body type, Melissa leaves, frustrated with her mother’s refusal to treat their performance as a partnership.  

Soccer Training 

Meanwhile, Remi wants some additional help in her training for soccer and enlists Melissa to train alongside her in exchange for agreeing not to force Melissa to go horseback riding. This goes as well as one can expect with Remi kicking soccer balls at Melissa’s well-protected head, and later Melissa riding in the back of her pickup rather than running alongside Remi. After a talk with David though, Melissa realizes that she has been as stubborn as her own mother throughout the training and decides to make a greater effort. The next day, Melissa, Remi, Rocco and David go horseback riding together, a marked improvement for Melissa since it does not feature any soccer balls kicked at her head! 

Pamper Yourself 

Melissa and her mother meet up to talk about their differences with both apologizing for how they reacted to each other. They both acknowledge that they want to put on a good show and have a relationship where they can argue but still remember they love each other. Their show goes without a hitch (and includes matching outfits!) and afterwards Melissa shows Remi another way of having fun: a relaxing face mask that only mildly horrifies Remi.